WNM Live selected as runner up in Nokia Create NFC Mini Contest

The WNM Live Windows Phone app was selected by Nokia as one of six winners of the NFC category of their Nokia Create Windows Phone contest!  The app was selected based on the Tap4Points NFC functionality in the Windows Phone 8 app.

You can read the announcement and view the entire list of winners on Nokia’s website: http://developer.nokia.com/Blogs/News/blog/2013/10/31/nokia-create-competition-news-winners-deadlines-and-announcements/



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WNM Live v1.27 for Windows Phone 7 & 8

We have just finished development on WNM Live version 1.27 and submitted it to Microsoft for certification for the Windows Phone Store!  This update is a major one and contains an entirely new user interface and navigation structure, as well as a number of new features.  Here is a summary of what you can expect in this new version:

Main Menu

The new main menu slides out from the left of the screen, much like the recently updated Facebook app.

All navigation to the various screens in the app now starts from a universal main menu which slides out from the left of any screen.   This is familiar to anybody who has tried the new Facebook app for Windows Phone.  This menu gives you quick access to the People, Conversations, World Stream, Watch List, and Settings screens.  It also allows you to quickly navigate to any groups that you belong to.  Your profile and a summary of your points are also just a tap away.  A red circle with a number appears on the Conversations and Watch List menu items to indicate the presence of new messages or comments, respectively.  A similar red circle appears on any groups which have new posts in them you haven’t yet seen.

Top Bar


At the top of every screen, just below the system tray, we have added a new Top Bar.  From left-to-right, this top bar contains:

  • Main Menu Button – Offers a second way to open the slide-out main menu (the first way being sliding from the left of the phone’s screen).
  • Page Title – The page title appears in the top bar.  In some instances (such as in the Conversation page, the title is clickable)
  • Group Posts Button – Shows you the number of your groups which have new posts you have yet to read.  Clicking it takes you to the first of such groups.
  • Watched Post Comments – Shows you the number of watched posts which have received new comments.  Clicking it takes you to your Watch List.
  • New Messages Button – Shows you the number of unread messages you have waiting.  Clicking it takes you either to the updated conversation or your conversation list.

Pivot Top Bar


To maximize the amount of real estate available for content, we have moved the title of the pivots into the top bar.  You can still switch between pivot views by swiping left or right, but you can also now switch by tapping the left or right side of the title in the top bar.  Here is an example:


View Post


A number of changes were also made to the screen for viewing a post’s comments.  The ‘WATCH’ button has been replaced with a icon in the bottom App Bar which toggles between watching and not watching the post.  A new “thumbs-up” icon has been added which displays the number of props a post has received.  Tapping on the icon will allow you to prop the post yourself.  By clicking the three dots in the bottom app bar, you can now select a new menu item for deleting the post or for featuring the post.  Finally, you can tap and hold on any comment you wrote to be given a menu which allows for you to delete your comment.

Facebook Login

On Windows Phone 8, we have redesigned how Facebook login works so that you do not have to re-enter your Facebook username and password if you have ever logged into Facebook from your phone’s web browser before.

Other Changes

A lot of other changes are also included in this release.  Here are some of the other changes you might be most interested in:

  • Activity Stream (on the view profile screen) now is infinite scrollable, meaning you can go back through history all the way until the user joined WNM Live!
  • Gold memberships (discussed in a previous blog post)
  • View profile screen now has an easy way to un-follow a user in the bottom app bar.
  • Profile ranking and other badges now appear next to profile name on the People screen.
  • Screen orientation lock added to the app settings
  • Better point purchasing user interface (doesn’t just open the WNM Live website in your phone’s browser now)
  • Overall settings re-organization to make it easier to navigate the various settings and options
  • Performance enhancements
  • Many, many bug fixes


As you have just read, this update is a major one for WNM Live on Windows Phone and brings a lot of change.  We want to hear your feedback on everything and will be releasing smaller updates in response to what we hear.  Please do not hesitate to message us, comment here, email support@wnmlive.com, or write on our Facebook page/twitter with your thoughts, suggestions, or criticisms.

This update should be available within a few days from the Windows Phone store.  In the meantime, if you have a developer unlocked phone, you can side-load this version by downloading the XAP files:

Windows Phone 7: http://synergetech.blob.core.windows.net/public-files/WNM-LIVE-WP71.xap

Windows Phone 8: http://synergetech.blob.core.windows.net/public-files/WNM-LIVE-WP8.xap

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Gold Memberships

GoldEarlier today we released a new concept to WNM Live called Membership Levels:

  • Silver Members – All WNM Live members are initially Silver members.  Users in this membership level can still use WNM Live in the same way as they always have.  No features have been removed.
  • Gold Members – Gold members receive the following additional benefits over Silver members:
    • No advertisements (!!!)
    • Earn 4X points
    • Special badge
    • Special label next to name
    • Name appears in Gold

Becoming a Gold member is very simple, but it will cost $4.99 USD per month (after a one month free trial).  The upcoming update to the WNM Live mobile apps will contain the ability to upgrade your profile to Gold.  If you don’t want to wait though, you can also sign up by visiting http://www.wnmlive.com/gold.

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WNM Live Web App: Sleek New Look, Hot New Features

Anyone been to the landing page lately? If you’re on WNM as much as we are, you probably skip it and go direct to login.  But the newly designed landing page was the launch pad for host of changes that give WNM Live’s web app a sleek new look and apply a whole bunch of awesome new features.

Landing Page:


The improved web app is super clean, extra versatile and faster than ever.  Some of the changes to aesthetic include profile display, image sizing, menu options, button design, and an overall growth in uniformity. A great example of the new look are profile summaries:


Now, let’s take a look at some new features!

The menu panel is now collapsible (using the menu-collapse button) which allows for a more compact and stealthy look that is especially helpful on a crowded monitor, tablet, or those poor unfortunate souls waiting on the android release.

Posts on the World Stream now include an option for users to give “props” to the post (props button) which affect the post’s ranking. Adjacent to the button is the total number of users who gave the post “props” and, when clicked, displays those users. Additionally, the options to view, watch, feature, and report a post are all accessible from a drop-down menu located in the upper right portion of each post.

Also, the World Stream now allows users to toggle auto refresh so that users have the option of manually refreshing the stream in an effort slow things down during  periods of high traffic. Look for theAutoOffRankAndOptionsat the upper right side of your World Stream to toggle this option.

One of the most exciting additions to the WNM Live web app is the Lottery System.  Users may now chose to participate in a standard lottery where tickets are purchased on a 1:1 ratio using points.  There is no limit to the amount of tickets a user can buy, and every 24 hours a single winner will be selected from the pool of participants at approximately 12:00 (midnight) UTC. Official details and screenshot available below:


As always, enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you on the stream!

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WNM Live releases latest and greatest: V1.26

In addition to its stunning new design changes, version 1.26 loads faster, runs smoother, eradicates those pesky bugs and much, much more!

The new homescreen implements a number of stylistic changes that include undersaturated Profile and Group tiles, the World Stream now sports a satellite image of earth, and Conversations, World Stream, Watched Posts List, and Group Browse have been changed from square tiles to thin rectangular tiles. The overall appearance is cleaner, more vibrant, and allows more tiles to be displayed on a single screen:


WNM Live 1.26 also added a new feature to Voice Messaging that allows a user to playback their recorded message before sending it. This much needed adjustment makes Voice Messaging all the more useful and convenient:


The previous version of WNM Live stopped supporting the toggle switch for user visibility under account settings. Version 1.26 has brought it back for those stealthy WNM-ers who prefer “invisible mode” to remain an option:


Finally, the increase in performance on WNM Live is in large part do to a variety of bug fixes that have been addressed in this release. Thanks to our trusty WNM Live staff and a diligent group of beta testers, we were able to produce the most responsive and (dare I say) attractive version to date.

Get the update, enjoy yourself, and we’ll see you on the World Stream.

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WNM Live Apps for WP7 and WP8 Recently Updated!

WNM Live has released an update for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 users.  This latest update contains some major new functionality, including:

  • Voice Messaging – You can now send/receive up to 60 second voice audio clips with other users.
  • Message Delivery Receipts – You can now see when your message has actually been delivered to the intended recipient’s app, regardless of which platform they use.
  • Photo Hub Integration – Upload a photo to the WNM Live World Stream directly from the Windows Phone Photo Hub.
  • Much, Much More – Enhanced push notifications, performance improvements, featured posts, and much more.
Voice Messages Feature Screenshot Profile Screenshot

These two latest updates (for WP7 and WP8) bring both platforms back in alignment, feature-wise, after having diverged about six months back with the release of the WNM Live Windows Phone 8 app.  WNM Live recently passed the one million user mark and continues to have the largest percentage of its users on Windows Phone devices, despite also being available on iPhone, Windows 8, Facebook, and the Web.

If it has been awhile since you checked out WNM Live, now might be a great time to do so.  The app is available for free from the Windows Phone Store here.

Download WNM Live from the Windows Phone Store QRCode
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Windows Phone 8 Beta Release v1.24

We will be releasing the latest version of WNM Live for Windows Phone 8 to a select group of beta testers within the next few minutes.  We expect that the final version of the app will be in the Windows Phone store within a week!  Windows Phone 7.8 users can expect a version containing most of the same new features within a week or two after that.

This update contains some really awesome major new features and we think that you are going to really love it!  Here is a quick overview of some of the larger changes included in the update:

Voice Messaging

Users can now record up to 60 seconds of audio and send it to another user as an attachment in a message conversation.  The recipient can then listen to that message whenever they open the conversation.

Message Delivery Receipts

You can now see if a message you have sent has been delivered to the recipients phone.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient has read the message yet, but it does mean they have opened the app since you sent it and they have had a chance to read it.

Infinite Scrolling

There are no more “Load more…” buttons at the bottom of lists.  You can just keep scrolling forever.  This applies to the Nearby People, the Live Stream, and more!

New Ad Placement

Advertisements have been moved to the top of lists so that once you start scrolling, they move off the screen.  This allows you more room to view content.  We have also removed a advertisements entirely from some screens, such as the conversation screen!

New Icons and Names

Some features have been renamed to provide more clarity on what they are intended to be used for.  For example, the Live Stream has been renamed to the World Stream.  The icons in the app, especially those icons on the Application Bar, have been changed to better reflect their respective actions.

New Top Bar Notification Icon

A new notification icon has been added to the top bar to inform you if you have groups that contain new posts.  Tapping the icon will cycle through all the groups with new posts.

New App Icon

A new app icon has been created for the app.  This icon will appear in your ‘All Programs’ list, but not on the Live Tile.

Performance Enhancements

The app has been tweaked to be even more performant, especially during startup.

Bug Fixes

A number of annoying bugs have been fixed, such as the crash which used to happen if you loaded too many nearby people.

These are just some of the larger changes we have made in version 1.24 of WNM Live for Windows Phone 8.  Please let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section!

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