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WNM Live v1.27 for Windows Phone 7 & 8

We have just finished development on WNM Live version 1.27 and submitted it to Microsoft for certification for the Windows Phone Store!  This update is a major one and contains an entirely new user interface and navigation structure, as well

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Gold Memberships

Earlier today we released a new concept to WNM Live called Membership Levels: Silver Members – All WNM Live members are initially Silver members.  Users in this membership level can still use WNM Live in the same way as they always

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WNM Live Apps for WP7 and WP8 Recently Updated!

WNM Live has released an update for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 users.  This latest update contains some major new functionality, including: Voice Messaging – You can now send/receive up to 60 second voice audio clips with other

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Windows Phone 8 Beta Release v1.24

We will be releasing the latest version of WNM Live for Windows Phone 8 to a select group of beta testers within the next few minutes.  We expect that the final version of the app will be in the Windows

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Changes to Groups

We recently made a few improvements to the groups feature of WNM Live.  They are minor additions, but we feel are still great things to have! Groups can now have a display image.  The group’s owner can add a display

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WNM Live Android App

Android App - View Profile

The WNM Live Android app is very close to being ready for a public beta testing!  We originally planned to start the beta test at the end of March, but decided to make a major change to the UI at

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Fix Submitted to Apple App Store

It has come to our attention that the recently released 1.2 version of the WNM Live mobile app for iPhone contains a critical bug which prevents a large number of users from progressing past the “Connecting to WNM Live…” screen.

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