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Slow and spammy… Fixed!

Many of our users may have noticed things running a lot slower than usual in the mobile apps and on the website.  This is because Nearby Live recently became the target of a sophisticated group of spammers who found a

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One Million Monthly Active Users

Nearby Live has reached the one million monthly active user milestone! That means that over a million different users have used Nearby Live over the past 30 days. This is a really huge deal for us, but what really excites

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Recent Payment Processing Issues

Earlier today an unknown person/entity discovered a vulnerability in our payment processing page which allowed him/her to submit fraudulent purchases of Nearby Live points using the saved payment card details of other users.  Please note that at no time was any personal

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It’s your data. New Privacy Center Introduced.

Over the past few months a number of high profile hacks of social networks (Tinder, Secret, LinkedIn, AFF, Ashley Madison) have taken place which demonstrated how important it is that users be in control of the data they share.  We strongly

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The Nearby Live Android App Is Released!

It’s official – Nearby Live is now available on Android!  Download the app, or tell your Android owning friends to download it.

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Point System Changes

Points on Nearby Live have evolved a lot since we first introduced them two years ago.  Originally, they were intended to reward users for their activity on Nearby Live and were distributed based on the amount of time spent in

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Bitcoin Now Accepted

A growing number of our international users have written us about how they are currently unable to purchase Nearby Live Points or Gold Memberships because our payment processor, PayPal, does not accept payments from their countries.  Today we are announcing

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