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10 years of data

Nearby has been running for over 10 years now. During that time, 13 million users have joined, hundred of millions of posts and comments have been made, and billions of messages have been sent. We love analyzing all this data

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Integrating Kin With the Live Stream

We are rolling out a major change to the Live Stream today.   We introduced the concepts of the “prop” roughly two years ago. Since then you’ve given almost half a billion props (449,432,170 to be precise) to your fellow

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Introducing Kin

You will soon notice something new has been added to Nearby. We have introduced a new reward system called Kin. We first announced our plans to add Kin to the app a few months ago. In response to the feedback

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Nearby Points are becoming Kin

History of Nearby Points Since its introduction several years ago, Nearby Points has proven to be one of the most successful features that we have launched. Adding a virtual economy to Nearby made many other features possible as well, such

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One Million Monthly Active Users

Nearby Live has reached the one million monthly active user milestone! That means that over a million different users have used Nearby Live over the past 30 days. This is a really huge deal for us, but what really excites

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