Introducing Kin

You will soon notice something new has been added to Nearby. We have introduced a new reward system called Kin. We first announced our plans to add Kin to the app a few months ago. In response to the feedback we heard after the announcement, we decided to go in a slightly different direction than we originally communicated.

Kin will no longer be replacing Nearby Points.  Both rewards systems will be available for the foreseeable future.  You will be able to earn Kin by completing surveys and performing certain actions within the app.  Kin can be used to purchase Nearby Points.  Nearby Points can be used to send virtual gifts and feature posts, just as today.  Also just as today, Nearby Points can still be purchased using real money. Kin is just an added way to obtain Nearby Points without spending money. We are very excited about adding Kin to the app and hope you are also!

Here are some in-app videos of how it all will work.

Here’s how you will first be introduced to Kin once it goes live:

Here’s one of the ways you’ll be able to earn Kin:

Here’s how you will be able to spend Kin:

And finally, just like Nearby Points, you’ll also be able to send Kin to other users:

This is just the very start of what we plan to do with Kin. We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think!

Founder / CEO @ WNM Live

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