Recent Payment Processing Issues

Earlier today an unknown person/entity discovered a vulnerability in our payment processing page which allowed him/her to submit fraudulent purchases of Nearby Live points using the saved payment card details of other users.  Please note that at no time was any personal information or payment card details divulged to the attacker and there is no need to ask your bank to re-issue your payment card.  We have just completed refunding all of these fraudulent transactions.  Your bank statement should reflect the refunded transactions shortly. The total number of users impacted by this was fewer than 25 users.

Unfortunately, in the process of refunding all of the fraudulent transactions, a small number of valid transactions from late May to early June of this year were also erroneously refunded.  When the transactions were refunded, the associated purchased points were removed from the account.  We attempted to cancel the refund and re-issue the points where possible, but were only able to do so for a small percent of the impacted users.  Those users will need to re-purchase the points if they would like to do so.  Please note that if you are currently missing points, a refund has been issued and will be reflected on your bank statement shortly.  The total number of users impacted by this was also fewer than 25 users.

The number of our users impacted by this attack was very low (fewer than 50 users total).  If you were one of the impacted users, you will be receiving an email from us.  No personal information or payment card information was obtained by the attacker.  All fraudulent transactions have been fully refunded at this time.  We apologize to all the impacted users for this inconvenience.  We take both your privacy and security very seriously and will be looking into how we can better protect against this sort of attack in the future.  We will also be working with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute the perpetrator of the attack.

Founder / CEO @ WNM Live

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