It’s your data. New Privacy Center Introduced.

Over the past few months a number of high profile hacks of social networks (Tinder, Secret, LinkedIn, AFF, Ashley Madison) have taken place which demonstrated how important it is that users be in control of the data they share.  We strongly believe that anything you upload to Nearby Live is still yours to do with as you want.  To enable our users to better exercise their control we have added a new Privacy Center to the Nearby Live website.

privacy center

The new Privacy Center allows you to manage:

  • who can see and message you
  • the data you are sharing
  • which devices have access to your account

You can also easily remove some or even all trace of your account data from our servers.  Unlike one recently hacked social network (Ashley Madison) we never charge any fee for removing your data.

All of these new features are available now on the Nearby Live website.  Some of them have already been added to the mobile apps and eventually they will all be accessible from them.

Founder / CEO @ WNM Live

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