Point System Changes

Points on Nearby Live have evolved a lot since we first introduced them two years ago.  Originally, they were intended to reward users for their activity on Nearby Live and were distributed based on the amount of time spent in the app.    We soon realized that we wanted to only reward quality participation, so we made an incentive based system that tried to identify quality posts and distribute points accordingly.  We also added the ability to purchase points using real money and this has slowly become a large part of the revenue that supports our operations.  Users purchasing points has allowed us to keep from having to add any additional advertising to the mobile apps/website.

Somewhere along the way while evolving our point system, things became a little crazy.  Substantial inflation took place and gift prices went from 100 points to 25,000 points.  This was confusing for everyone.

We have decided to simplify things.  We have made the following changes to how the point system works:

We have modified the value of a point by a factor of 50,000.  Here is what that means:

  • Everyone’s point totals has been divided by 50,000.  We rounded up, so even if you only had 10 points before, we counted it the same as having 50,000.
  • We reset the prices for virtual gifts so that most gifts now cost only 1 point.  A few gifts costs a few more than that.
  • Point packages available for purchasing have also been equally adjusted.
  • Featuring posts now costs only 1 point.

We have made or are in the process of making the following additional changes:

  • We will re-enable the ability to gift points to other users.
  • You no longer earn points when someone props your post.

Hopefully this post will help avoid any confusion caused by these changes.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@wnmlive.com.

Founder / CEO @ WNM Live

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