WNM Live v1.27 for Windows Phone 7 & 8

We have just finished development on WNM Live version 1.27 and submitted it to Microsoft for certification for the Windows Phone Store!  This update is a major one and contains an entirely new user interface and navigation structure, as well as a number of new features.  Here is a summary of what you can expect in this new version:

Main Menu

The new main menu slides out from the left of the screen, much like the recently updated Facebook app.

All navigation to the various screens in the app now starts from a universal main menu which slides out from the left of any screen.   This is familiar to anybody who has tried the new Facebook app for Windows Phone.  This menu gives you quick access to the People, Conversations, World Stream, Watch List, and Settings screens.  It also allows you to quickly navigate to any groups that you belong to.  Your profile and a summary of your points are also just a tap away.  A red circle with a number appears on the Conversations and Watch List menu items to indicate the presence of new messages or comments, respectively.  A similar red circle appears on any groups which have new posts in them you haven’t yet seen.

Top Bar


At the top of every screen, just below the system tray, we have added a new Top Bar.  From left-to-right, this top bar contains:

  • Main Menu Button – Offers a second way to open the slide-out main menu (the first way being sliding from the left of the phone’s screen).
  • Page Title – The page title appears in the top bar.  In some instances (such as in the Conversation page, the title is clickable)
  • Group Posts Button – Shows you the number of your groups which have new posts you have yet to read.  Clicking it takes you to the first of such groups.
  • Watched Post Comments – Shows you the number of watched posts which have received new comments.  Clicking it takes you to your Watch List.
  • New Messages Button – Shows you the number of unread messages you have waiting.  Clicking it takes you either to the updated conversation or your conversation list.

Pivot Top Bar


To maximize the amount of real estate available for content, we have moved the title of the pivots into the top bar.  You can still switch between pivot views by swiping left or right, but you can also now switch by tapping the left or right side of the title in the top bar.  Here is an example:


View Post


A number of changes were also made to the screen for viewing a post’s comments.  The ‘WATCH’ button has been replaced with a icon in the bottom App Bar which toggles between watching and not watching the post.  A new “thumbs-up” icon has been added which displays the number of props a post has received.  Tapping on the icon will allow you to prop the post yourself.  By clicking the three dots in the bottom app bar, you can now select a new menu item for deleting the post or for featuring the post.  Finally, you can tap and hold on any comment you wrote to be given a menu which allows for you to delete your comment.

Facebook Login

On Windows Phone 8, we have redesigned how Facebook login works so that you do not have to re-enter your Facebook username and password if you have ever logged into Facebook from your phone’s web browser before.

Other Changes

A lot of other changes are also included in this release.  Here are some of the other changes you might be most interested in:

  • Activity Stream (on the view profile screen) now is infinite scrollable, meaning you can go back through history all the way until the user joined WNM Live!
  • Gold memberships (discussed in a previous blog post)
  • View profile screen now has an easy way to un-follow a user in the bottom app bar.
  • Profile ranking and other badges now appear next to profile name on the People screen.
  • Screen orientation lock added to the app settings
  • Better point purchasing user interface (doesn’t just open the WNM Live website in your phone’s browser now)
  • Overall settings re-organization to make it easier to navigate the various settings and options
  • Performance enhancements
  • Many, many bug fixes


As you have just read, this update is a major one for WNM Live on Windows Phone and brings a lot of change.  We want to hear your feedback on everything and will be releasing smaller updates in response to what we hear.  Please do not hesitate to message us, comment here, email support@wnmlive.com, or write on our Facebook page/twitter with your thoughts, suggestions, or criticisms.

This update should be available within a few days from the Windows Phone store.  In the meantime, if you have a developer unlocked phone, you can side-load this version by downloading the XAP files:

Windows Phone 7: http://synergetech.blob.core.windows.net/public-files/WNM-LIVE-WP71.xap

Windows Phone 8: http://synergetech.blob.core.windows.net/public-files/WNM-LIVE-WP8.xap

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