WNM Live Web App: Sleek New Look, Hot New Features

Anyone been to the landing page lately? If you’re on WNM as much as we are, you probably skip it and go direct to login.  But the newly designed landing page was the launch pad for host of changes that give WNM Live’s web app a sleek new look and apply a whole bunch of awesome new features.

Landing Page:


The improved web app is super clean, extra versatile and faster than ever.  Some of the changes to aesthetic include profile display, image sizing, menu options, button design, and an overall growth in uniformity. A great example of the new look are profile summaries:


Now, let’s take a look at some new features!

The menu panel is now collapsible (using the menu-collapse button) which allows for a more compact and stealthy look that is especially helpful on a crowded monitor, tablet, or those poor unfortunate souls waiting on the android release.

Posts on the World Stream now include an option for users to give “props” to the post (props button) which affect the post’s ranking. Adjacent to the button is the total number of users who gave the post “props” and, when clicked, displays those users. Additionally, the options to view, watch, feature, and report a post are all accessible from a drop-down menu located in the upper right portion of each post.

Also, the World Stream now allows users to toggle auto refresh so that users have the option of manually refreshing the stream in an effort slow things down during  periods of high traffic. Look for theAutoOffRankAndOptionsat the upper right side of your World Stream to toggle this option.

One of the most exciting additions to the WNM Live web app is the Lottery System.  Users may now chose to participate in a standard lottery where tickets are purchased on a 1:1 ratio using points.  There is no limit to the amount of tickets a user can buy, and every 24 hours a single winner will be selected from the pool of participants at approximately 12:00 (midnight) UTC. Official details and screenshot available below:


As always, enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you on the stream!

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