WNM Live releases latest and greatest: V1.26

In addition to its stunning new design changes, version 1.26 loads faster, runs smoother, eradicates those pesky bugs and much, much more!

The new homescreen implements a number of stylistic changes that include undersaturated Profile and Group tiles, the World Stream now sports a satellite image of earth, and Conversations, World Stream, Watched Posts List, and Group Browse have been changed from square tiles to thin rectangular tiles. The overall appearance is cleaner, more vibrant, and allows more tiles to be displayed on a single screen:


WNM Live 1.26 also added a new feature to Voice Messaging that allows a user to playback their recorded message before sending it. This much needed adjustment makes Voice Messaging all the more useful and convenient:


The previous version of WNM Live stopped supporting the toggle switch for user visibility under account settings. Version 1.26 has brought it back for those stealthy WNM-ers who prefer “invisible mode” to remain an option:


Finally, the increase in performance on WNM Live is in large part do to a variety of bug fixes that have been addressed in this release. Thanks to our trusty WNM Live staff and a diligent group of beta testers, we were able to produce the most responsive and (dare I say) attractive version to date.

Get the update, enjoy yourself, and we’ll see you on the World Stream.

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