Windows Phone 8 Beta Release v1.24

We will be releasing the latest version of WNM Live for Windows Phone 8 to a select group of beta testers within the next few minutes.  We expect that the final version of the app will be in the Windows Phone store within a week!  Windows Phone 7.8 users can expect a version containing most of the same new features within a week or two after that.

This update contains some really awesome major new features and we think that you are going to really love it!  Here is a quick overview of some of the larger changes included in the update:

Voice Messaging

Users can now record up to 60 seconds of audio and send it to another user as an attachment in a message conversation.  The recipient can then listen to that message whenever they open the conversation.

Message Delivery Receipts

You can now see if a message you have sent has been delivered to the recipients phone.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient has read the message yet, but it does mean they have opened the app since you sent it and they have had a chance to read it.

Infinite Scrolling

There are no more “Load more…” buttons at the bottom of lists.  You can just keep scrolling forever.  This applies to the Nearby People, the Live Stream, and more!

New Ad Placement

Advertisements have been moved to the top of lists so that once you start scrolling, they move off the screen.  This allows you more room to view content.  We have also removed a advertisements entirely from some screens, such as the conversation screen!

New Icons and Names

Some features have been renamed to provide more clarity on what they are intended to be used for.  For example, the Live Stream has been renamed to the World Stream.  The icons in the app, especially those icons on the Application Bar, have been changed to better reflect their respective actions.

New Top Bar Notification Icon

A new notification icon has been added to the top bar to inform you if you have groups that contain new posts.  Tapping the icon will cycle through all the groups with new posts.

New App Icon

A new app icon has been created for the app.  This icon will appear in your ‘All Programs’ list, but not on the Live Tile.

Performance Enhancements

The app has been tweaked to be even more performant, especially during startup.

Bug Fixes

A number of annoying bugs have been fixed, such as the crash which used to happen if you loaded too many nearby people.

These are just some of the larger changes we have made in version 1.24 of WNM Live for Windows Phone 8.  Please let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section!

Founder / CEO @ WNM Live

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