Slow and spammy… Fixed!

Many of our users may have noticed things running a lot slower than usual in the mobile apps and on the website.  This is because Nearby Live recently became the target of a sophisticated group of spammers who found a way to abuse our messaging system to promote their “cam” website.  While they were sending their spam messages, they also launched a DDOS attack on our servers to keep us busy and hopefully not notice what they were doing.  It took us a few days and a lot of work, but things are back to normal now.  The spam has been removed.  Safeguards have been implemented to keep it from returning.  We have partnered with a leading DDOS prevention firm to help beef up our infrastructure.  Thanks for all your patience over the past few days while we implemented these changes.

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One Million Monthly Active Users

Nearby Live has reached the one million monthly active user milestone! That means that over a million different users have used Nearby Live over the past 30 days. This is a really huge deal for us, but what really excites us is that things are accelerating exponentially!

So we would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our users for using the app and for telling their friends about it. We receive stories everyday of people meeting a new friend, partner, or bff on Nearby Live so we must be doing something right! Best of all, we are just getting started! Stay tuned!

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Recent Payment Processing Issues

Earlier today an unknown person/entity discovered a vulnerability in our payment processing page which allowed him/her to submit fraudulent purchases of Nearby Live points using the saved payment card details of other users.  Please note that at no time was any personal information or payment card details divulged to the attacker and there is no need to ask your bank to re-issue your payment card.  We have just completed refunding all of these fraudulent transactions.  Your bank statement should reflect the refunded transactions shortly. The total number of users impacted by this was fewer than 25 users.

Unfortunately, in the process of refunding all of the fraudulent transactions, a small number of valid transactions from late May to early June of this year were also erroneously refunded.  When the transactions were refunded, the associated purchased points were removed from the account.  We attempted to cancel the refund and re-issue the points where possible, but were only able to do so for a small percent of the impacted users.  Those users will need to re-purchase the points if they would like to do so.  Please note that if you are currently missing points, a refund has been issued and will be reflected on your bank statement shortly.  The total number of users impacted by this was also fewer than 25 users.

The number of our users impacted by this attack was very low (fewer than 50 users total).  If you were one of the impacted users, you will be receiving an email from us.  No personal information or payment card information was obtained by the attacker.  All fraudulent transactions have been fully refunded at this time.  We apologize to all the impacted users for this inconvenience.  We take both your privacy and security very seriously and will be looking into how we can better protect against this sort of attack in the future.  We will also be working with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute the perpetrator of the attack.

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It’s your data. New Privacy Center Introduced.

Over the past few months a number of high profile hacks of social networks (Tinder, Secret, LinkedIn, AFF, Ashley Madison) have taken place which demonstrated how important it is that users be in control of the data they share.  We strongly believe that anything you upload to Nearby Live is still yours to do with as you want.  To enable our users to better exercise their control we have added a new Privacy Center to the Nearby Live website.

privacy center

The new Privacy Center allows you to manage:

  • who can see and message you
  • the data you are sharing
  • which devices have access to your account

You can also easily remove some or even all trace of your account data from our servers.  Unlike one recently hacked social network (Ashley Madison) we never charge any fee for removing your data.

All of these new features are available now on the Nearby Live website.  Some of them have already been added to the mobile apps and eventually they will all be accessible from them.

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The Nearby Live Android App Is Released!

It’s official – Nearby Live is now available on Android!  Download the app, or tell your Android owning friends to download it.

Android app on Google Play

StreamPeopleInboxChat Heads

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Point System Changes

Points on Nearby Live have evolved a lot since we first introduced them two years ago.  Originally, they were intended to reward users for their activity on Nearby Live and were distributed based on the amount of time spent in the app.    We soon realized that we wanted to only reward quality participation, so we made an incentive based system that tried to identify quality posts and distribute points accordingly.  We also added the ability to purchase points using real money and this has slowly become a large part of the revenue that supports our operations.  Users purchasing points has allowed us to keep from having to add any additional advertising to the mobile apps/website.

Somewhere along the way while evolving our point system, things became a little crazy.  Substantial inflation took place and gift prices went from 100 points to 25,000 points.  This was confusing for everyone.

We have decided to simplify things.  We have made the following changes to how the point system works:

We have modified the value of a point by a factor of 50,000.  Here is what that means:

  • Everyone’s point totals has been divided by 50,000.  We rounded up, so even if you only had 10 points before, we counted it the same as having 50,000.
  • We reset the prices for virtual gifts so that most gifts now cost only 1 point.  A few gifts costs a few more than that.
  • Point packages available for purchasing have also been equally adjusted.
  • Featuring posts now costs only 1 point.

We have made or are in the process of making the following additional changes:

  • We will re-enable the ability to gift points to other users.
  • You no longer earn points when someone props your post.

Hopefully this post will help avoid any confusion caused by these changes.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Bitcoin Now Accepted


A growing number of our international users have written us about how they are currently unable to purchase Nearby Live Points or Gold Memberships because our payment processor, PayPal, does not accept payments from their countries.  Today we are announcing a solution for these users and others: Bitcoin!  You can now purchase Nearby Live Points, subscribe to a Gold Membership, and gift a Gold Membership to another user using Bitcoin.  For now, you will need to initiate the transaction from the Nearby Live website, but we will be adding Bitcoin support to the mobile apps shortly.

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